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Look no further Capfunds Trade , is not just known for its enhanced trading services it provides to its investors, we take pride knowing the new digital trends (NFT) are available to our investors

Trade Cryptocurrency and NFTs at true cost

Copy Trading

Little or no technical analysis skills in the crypto space, don't be alarmed, Capfunds Trade allows investors copy win trades made by experts, so you don't worry about the trades, just to experts with top wins

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Getting tired of having to keep tracks of your various crypto assets in different wallet and platforms, Capfunds Trade lets you manage crypto currency owned and controlled on a single interface

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Practice and Perfect

Take full advantage of our demo trading, and become the expert trade you desire,

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NFTs Market Place

Get latest whitelist NFTs from popular discord channels at amazing prices

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We have plans suitable for every level of investment

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  • Live chat support
  • Personal Trading manager
  • NFTs market place
  • Demo Balance of $ 1,000
  • Expert Traders to copy

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